i will survive lyme disease
Washington DC Metro Area

Bio: Pre-Lyme Life: ~Dedicated snowboarder, rock climber, mountain biker, runner, pretend ballerina, sucky swimmer, wanna-a-be soccer player, tennis, basketball, ultimate Frisbee. ~Dedicated member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. ~Championship middle school mathematics TEACHER in Montgomery County, Maryland for 9.5 years while working on my Masters Degree from Johns Hopkins University (2.5 years). ~ I was a happy, charismatic people person. LYME LIFE: ~Moved to Virginia 12 years ago. ~12 years ago found a rash on my arm; thought it was ringworm. ~Every month or so I had the "Flu" fever, chills, muscle, bone pain for 2/3 days. ~My bouts of the "Flu" became more frequent and intense. ~My left knee blew out, surgery didn't help. ~ 2009 bedridden 17 days thought I had H1N1. ~8 different no diagnosis. ~My husband (P.T.) worked with a patient who was a doctor with Lyme Disease. She told him to get me to her asap. ~diagnosed with Lyme and Babesia. ~Took plethora of antibiotics for 3 months before my current doctor sent me to another Lyme specialist because my case was too complicated. ~This next doctor put me on a bazillion antibiotics and anti-parasitic meds. ~ I had say goodbye to my job, social life, family relationships, and physical activities while in treatment for 7 months with this second doctor. ~I'm small boned, 5'8" and went from weighing 140lbs to 113lbs. ~ March 2011 my husband happened upon one of the few leading LYME DISEASE SPECIALISTS in the Country.....Dr. Joseph Jemsek. ~ I have been under his care ever since.

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